Using the latest in both equipment & prodemployement-mechanicucts our tradespersons can assist you with any motor vehicle repair, on all makes and models.

Our team of panel beaters can professionally fix damaged vehicles in our modern workshop which incorporates a full dustless extraction system, minimising dust for safety of our workers and convenience of our customers.

Car O Liner

The fully equipped workshop features a Car O Liner computerised measuring system which ensures your vehicle is repaired to the Manufacturers specifications.

Paintless Dent Repairs

Cost & time efficient repairs for minor damage can be carried out by Paintless Dent Repair method, in many cases to remove the dent without the need to repaint.  Visit our workshop and get a quote to fix those minor dents that have irritated you for so long.

Plastic Welding

Our plastic welding services are specialised for the automotive industry, covering a wide range of services. When you consider the number of cars on the roads today, bumpers and plastic components have increased considerably. We can save you valuable time and money by repairing and refinishing your damaged plastics.


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